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Life Sciences & Biotechnology

Media & Feeds for production of vaccines and bio-similars

We are happy to offer the state-of-the-art products – media and feeds – of Sartorius Xell GmbH, Germany (formerly Xell AG; www.xell.ag) to the Indian biotechnology and biopharmaceutials and vaccine industries. Moreover, we offer analytical services, media development, platform development and more in cooperation with Sartorius Xell. Small quantities of Sartorius Xell products are stored in our cold storage facilities in Navi Mumbai, to meet your needs for quick R&D experiments (https://www.sartorius.com/en/pr/xell-integration)

Should you have any questions in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dextrans : Blood Plasma Expanders
Dextrans for Blood Plasma

Dextrans for Blood plasma expanders and Ophthalmic applications. Since nearly two decades now, we hold the Registration Certificates for import of Dextrans 40 and 70 bulk drugs manufactured by Pharmacosmos A/s, Denmark (pharmacosmos.com), into India. Pharmacosmos Dextrans also find use in ophthalmic applications with our customers.

Ayurvedic Medicines

Since 2005, we have been exporting certain Ayurvedic medicines of Indian manufacturers to prescription-based customers in European countries, along with Analysis Certificates for heavy metals from independent laboratories.


RRR’s expertise lies in biotransformations using either whole cells or enzymes. The end-products are chiral compounds of interest to the life sciences and catalyst industries. Typical biotransformation reactions include oxidation-reduction, isomerisation and aldol condensation.

Fine Chemicals

Organic & Inorganic Fine Chemicals

Contract manufacturing under secrecy agreements:
We manufacture Organic & Inorganic Fine Chemicals under 1:1 secrecy agreements with our clients.

Fine Chemicals

Fine Chemicals

Our portfolio of organic fine chemicals has been created largely due to in-house R&D and valuable suggestions from our customers, both in India and abroad, over the years. We are specialized in manufacturing sulphur-containing compounds. These niche products are manufactured in the scale of 1 Kg to 400 Kg per month.


Fine Chemicals

Inorganic fine chemicals containing precious metals : We carry out lab-scale contract synthesis of compounds containing precious metals such as silver, gold, palladium, rhodium and platinum. Typical end-users are from the electroplating and jewellery industry.

Surface Finishing Technologies

State of art electro-plating and eletro-less plating technologies. We have rich experience of over 45 years in all types of electroplating and electroless plating technologies. Our strengths lie in the fields of application and in the organic-inorganic chemistry of the plating baths. In cooperation with Dr.-Ing. Max Schloetter GmbH & Co KG, METAKEM and SG Galvanobedarf of Germany, we bring latest technologies to Indian customers. .

Fine Chemicals
Electro Plating Plants

Design of tailor made electro plating plants : We have a large reference list of plants designed according to the specific requirements of the components, thereby optimizing on production costs and achieving high quality. We also offer a range of special formulations for degreasing, cleaning, de-laquering, bright dipping and post-plating treatments, besides brighteners and additives for silver, copper, nickel, gold, tin and other platings.

(Black oxidization)

In cooperation with DEWE Bruenofix of Germany (bruenofix.de), we bring highly functional black oxidation coatings to Indian customers, providing local technical and logistic support.

Precious Metal Plating

Platinized and mixed metal oxides anodes, precious metal plating baths. In cooperation with METAKEM GmbH (metakem.de), we serve Indian customers with tailor-made platinized titanium anodes, mixed-metal-oxide anodes and precious metal plating baths.

Specialized Electro Plating

While our history begins with specialized job work of electroless nickel plating way back in 1978, we have stopped doing specialized job work of electro plating, except when it comes to requirements of national interest (especially space industry applications, salvaging expensive components etc.)
Precious Metals

Precious Metals Recovery

Onsite & offsite recovery of precious metals from Nitric Acid plants. We are specialized in on-site, non-destructive recovery of precious metals located in boilers, heat exchangers, condensors and tanks of Nitric Acid and Caprolactam plants. We also carry out off-site, destructive recovery of precious metals from NA plants.

Recovery from scrap

Precious metal recovery from scrap equipment from Nitric Acid plants. We are specialized in destructive and non-destructive recovery of precious metals from scrapped equipment from Nitric Acid plants at our facility in Navi Mumbai.

Recovery from plants

From effluent and rinses of plating plants. By electrolysis. We also manufacture small recovery units for recovering silver or gold from waste waters after these precious metals have been largely removed by chemical means. Only consumables are the cartridges on which the metal deposits.

Used Chemical Plants & Equipment

In cooperation with Louisiana Chemical Equipment Co. (lcec.com), we offer to the chemical, petrochemical, plastics and pharma industries in the Asia-Pacific region used plants, equipment, etc., as and when they are available with LCEC. We also work with specialized companies globally for optimum logistics, packaging etc.

Used Plants

Process Sensors & Units

For Brewery, Pharmaceutical, Chemical Process, Beverage and Power Industries : Our sister-conern Centec RRR offers in-line measurement of dissolved oxygen, concentration, carbon dioxide, density and more. Skid-mounted process units for water deaeration, dealcoholisation, CIP, SIP and more are also available.

Process Sensors
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Hundreds of satisfied customers throughout the world! The first, pioneering venture of RRR was job-work of electroless nickel plating on computer peripherals for export in 1978.

RRR or its group companies are members of ABLE Association of Biotechnology-Led Enterprises, CHEMEXCIL, the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC), the Electronic Industries Association of India (ELCINA), National Safety Council (NSC), Process Plant and Machinery Association of India (PPMAI) and Indian Printed Circuit Association (IPCA)


The Founders : Dr. Nagaraj Rao (On the Right) and Mr.Santosh Rane (On the Left) during the launch of TAMRA® Drinking Water Bottle

The Founders of Rane Rao Reshamia Laboratories Pvt Ltd are first-generation Entrepreneurs with background and experience in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Pharmacy & Biotechnology. The RRR Group is technology-driven and most products offered by it have been developed in-house. They have gathered vast & specialised experience in several fields, both in India and abroad.

RRR's Corporate Office, Laboratory & Production facilities cover totally about 3000 sq. mtrs.

The same are located in Navi Mumbai approximately 25kms from Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport.

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