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The first, pioneering venture of RRR was job-work of electroless nickel plating on computer peripherals for export in 1978.

RRR or its group companies are members of CHEMEXCIL, the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC), the Electronic Industries Association of India (ELCINA), National Safety Council, (NSC) PPMAI and Indian Printed Circuit Association (IPCA)

The Founders of Rane Rao Reshamia Laboratories Pvt Ltd are first-generation Entrepreneurs with background and experience in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Pharmacy & Biotechnology. The RRR Group is technology-driven and most products offered by it have been developed in-house. They have gathered vast & specialised experience in several fields, both in India and abroad.

RRR's Corporate Office, Laboratory & Production facilities cover totally about 3000 sq. mtrs. in Navi Mumbai.

The Founders

Dr. Nagaraj Rao (On the Right) and Mr.Santosh Rane (On the Left) during the launch of TAMRA® Drinking Water Bottle