RRR Labs


We specialize in the development and manufacturing of formulation products related to Surface Finishing - some manufactured by us at our Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India facility and others through our global partners. Besides, we are specialized in manufacturing organic fine chemicals.

Precious Metals Recovery Unit - We Design & Manufacture equipment to recover gold and silver from electroplating and polishing waste waters.

Anode Beakers, Brush Plating Kits, Porus Pots are some of the products manufactured by us and our partners

We also pioneers in manufacture of copper coated stainless steel drinking water bottles under the brand name of TAMRA Life

Drinking Water Bottle

TAMRA® Copper Coated Water Bottle is an elegant consumer product which makes drinking water bacteria-free. It is manufactured using a unique coating technology that deposits thick & pure Copper only on the inside of the Stainless Steel bottle.


Razor Sharpener

Introducing Unique, Safe, Portable, Easy-to-use personal Razor Sharpener for Sharp Razors & Smooth Shaves


Acid Copper Plating

Brighteners and Additives, suitable for plating-on-plastics and for jewellery applications.

Silver Plating

a) Organic, heavy metal-free brighteners and additives for cyanide silver plating baths;

b) Organic, heavy metal-free brighteners and additives for very low-cyanide silver plating baths;

c) Cyanide-free silver plating baths, especially for brush plating.

Electroless Nickel Plating

Concentrates and Additives for High Phosphorous, Medium Phosphorous, Low Phosphorous and General Electroless Nickel Plating baths.

Hard Chrome and Decorative Chrome Plating

Additives for improving bath efficiency and bath speed for different types of baths.

Electroless Gold Plating

Concentrates for preparing baths for electronic applications.

Conducting Pastes

To make non-conducting surfaces such as waxes, resins, wood etc. conducting.

Electropolishing Stainless Steel

Additives for higher efficiency and lower sludge formation.

Used Plants & Equipments

Used plants and equipments for CHEMICAL, PETROCHEMICAL, FERTILIZER , PHARMACEUTICAL AND OTHER INDUSTRIES in good condition, including but not restricted to ammonia, nitric acid, SSP, methanol loop, H2 reforming, methanol reforming, other acids, amines and glycols, pharmaceuticals, plastics, power generation, glass-lined, evaporators, exchangers, lab equipment and complete plants. In cooperation with LCEC Inc., USA. See also under 'Services'.

Process Sensors & Units

For Brewery, Pharmaceutical, Chemical Process, Beverage and Power Industries :

Sensors in-line measurement of dissolved oxygen, concentration, carbon dioxide, density and more

Skid-mounted process units for water deaeration, dealcoholisation, CIP, SIP and more

Please contact our sister-concern, Centec RRR Systems & Sensors Pvt. Ltd., a joint venture with Centec GmbH, for more information please visit : www.centecrrr.com

Pre-treatment Formulations

Soak and Electrolytic cleaners, Activators, Bright-Dip.

Post-treatment Formulations

Anti-Tarnish for silver and gold, Removal of electrophoretic lacquers etc.

Formulations for Surface Finishing by Our Partners :

Dr.-Ing. Max Schloetter GmbH & Co KG, Germany


NanoCraft Coating GmbH, Germany

Galvano Lammert AB, Sweden

DEWE Bruenofix GmbH, Germany

For Fertilizer Industry

Additives for anti-caking properties, free-flowing properties, colouring agents and others for Low Density Ammonium Nitrate, High Density Ammonium Nitrate, NPK, water-soluble and other fertilizers. The products are manufactured by PST Industries, France.

For Biopharmaceuticals

Cell Culture media & feeds for Biosimilars and Biopharmaceuticals - for various applications and cell lines, including CHO, HEK, BHK, MDXK, hybridoma and others. Products are manufactured by Xell AG of Germany.